Why Energy Butter?

  • Silky smooth
  • Non sticky
  • Slightly acid to help you salivate and swallow easily!
  • No chicory root
  • No alcohol sugars,
  • No yacon syrup
  • No cashew butter
  • No stomach up-setters here!
  • Rich Dark Chocolate
  • Scrumptious Mango
  • Silky Coconut
  • Tangy Passion Fruit
  • Refreshing Blueberries
  • And a hint of Maple Syrup!
  • Eat by Itself
  • Eat with a Fruit
  • Eat with a cracker
  • Eat with a Vegetable
  • Eat as cupcake frosting
  • Eat while running, biking, or standing still!


     Nutality Energy Butters are also: 

    *Energy Butters are all natural, and perishable, unlike energy bars, so eat within 24 hours of opening or store in the fridge to extend shelf life once opened. 

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