Frequently Asked Questions

Some notes on energy butters:

  • Unlike most energy bars, energy butters are not naturally shelf stable. We stabilize the energy butters, but it does mean that ingredients inside the pouch are 'alive', which can led sometimes to fermentation. You will know if your pouch has fermented because it either expanded like balloon, or it has a hole on the side (the balloon 'exploded'). If that is the case, please throw the pouch away and let us know, and we will send a replacement one. 
  • If you only eat a bit of the pouch, and have left over energy butter left, it is best to put the pouches in the fridge, since that's where it will keep best after opening. If you can not put it in the fridge, please consume within 48 hours of opening.
  • Energy butters will not freeze in the cold of winter (except the Choco Maca, which will become more fudge like), which makes them an ideal winter sport snack. No need to knead before opening, just open and enjoy!

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We look forward to all your questions as you discover our product!