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Today we are launching Nutality energy butter and here are some of my thoughts:

The spirit of triathletes, and more generally of those who do endurance sports is at the heart of Nutality energy butter. It was through my own experience with triathlons that I came to understand that there was a great need for innovation in the field of athlete nutrition; a need for something that would be low in sugar, high in protein and fats, and still be easy to eat and digest. Something easier to eat while running or biking, than a bar, more palatable than a gel, and less sticky than nut butters. Balanced nutrition that was just easy and delicious

And so, I spent the last 2 years developing Nutality energy butter – and just as I was finally ready to launch the product, the quarantine order came into effect and all my launch plans were instantly canceled.

I was frozen for a bit, not sure what to do next. Was it best to go on with the launch even though I would not be able to attend any sporting event to showcase Nutality, or maybe just wait it out until everything was back to normal, whatever normal becomes?  But ultimately, I realize that the only way forward is to embrace the moment, to rise to it, and to let Nutality shine. Ultimately, I realized that a product with endurance at its core is the right product to launch at this moment when all we can do is endure. All we can do is bring more positivity and be a voice to remind you to: Don’t Stop, Keep Going!

I had planned to meet so many athletes during all the races that were going to attend over the summer. Yet despite all the race cancellations, athletes are still training, and more people are starting to exercise every day, even if just to break the monotony of stay-at-home orders. And this makes us oh so happy!

So here we are, ready to launch and share with the world this awesome new product category, energy butter because good nutrition and amazing tasting food are more important than ever. And because we honestly believe our product is better than all the energy bars in the market, and it is much easier to eat than nut butters.

So, let us introduce ourselves:

Our brand name: Nutality

Our new food category: energy butter

Our product description: “The energy bar reinvented, The nut butter perfected”

Our tag line: Don't Stop! Keep Going!

And we have 3 amazing flavors waiting for you:

Choco Maca, Passion Matcha and Maqui Blueberry

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