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Energy Bars and the Binding Problem

Energy bars are a 6.5-billion-dollar market and are here to stay. People grab them between meals, sometimes as meal alternatives, or even to break a sweet tooth craving without feeling too guilty. They were created for the sports market but have fully penetrated the general market and nowadays most grocery stores have a full aisle that’s just energy bars (for clarity I refer to all bars – protein bars, meal replacements, etc – as energy bars). And like everything energy bars can have a place in a healthy diet. But for most people, they mean empty calories that could be...

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Our Official Launch

Today we are launching Nutality energy butter and here are some of my thoughts: The spirit of triathletes, and more generally of those who do endurance sports is at the heart of Nutality energy butter. It was through my own experience with triathlons that I came to understand that there was a great need for innovation in the field of athlete nutrition; a need for something that would be low in sugar, high in protein and fats, and still be easy to eat and digest. Something easier to eat while running or biking, than a bar, more palatable than a...

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